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Some common questions we get about Sales360™

  • Who We Are?

    1. What is Sales360 and how does it work?

    Sales360™, a brand under Concord Technosoft Pvt Ltd, empowers online sellers to supercharge their product promotions, boosting online sales. Our platform bridges the gap for offline merchants, offering them the opportunity to promote their products in the digital realm. With Sales360, we're not just increasing sales; we're enhancing customer engagement and transforming your business online.

    2. What's inside the package?

    After signing up for the Sales360 Account, you'll gain access to a powerful set of tools and services.

    This includes a customized marketplace landing page powered by, advanced QR solutions by, and seamless integration with the WhatsApp Business API. Additionally, if you're an offline merchant looking to expand your online presence, you can leverage the Sales360 Go Local platform to tap into new opportunities.

  • QR Code

    1. What is a QR code and what does it stand for?

    The 'QR' in the QR code stands for "Quick Response Code". A quick response code is a two-dimensional matrix barcode capable of storing data. It was invented by Japanese company Denso Wave originally for use in logistics in 1994.

    2. Why do I need a QR code?

    QR codes give a digital dimension to any product, visual material, or experience. They connect online and offline worlds, giving businesses and individuals a fast, safe, and low-cost solution. Recent QR code statistics also reveal that more users will be opting for this technology in years to come.

    3. What is the difference between a static and dynamic QR code?
    • Static QR codes are exactly that: Static. They look generic, cannot be modified once downloaded and/or printed, and do not come with features such as tracking and protection.

    • Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, are more versatile. They are fully customizable and their destination link can be changed at any point after printing.

    • Dynamic QR codes are more applicable in more use cases - especially in marketing - as they come with tracking features. With them, you can track the number of scans, the time and location of scans, and the device types used for scanning.

    4. How do I edit a QR code?

    To edit a QR code, first make sure that you've created a dynamic QR code. To modify your dynamic QR, go to your Dashboard, select the Category and Campaign, click Edit, enter the new destination link, and hit save.

    5. How many times can my can my dynamic QR been scanned?

    Users can scan your dynamic QR codes without limit until your paid subscription expires.

    6. My QR code is not working. What can I do?

    There can be several reasons why a QR code is not working correctly. First, check your destination link. Minor typos in the URL can break your QR code. Also, make sure that the QR code is big enough and is located in a well lit environment.

    7. Can I save my QR code design as a template for multiple times use?

    Yes, you can save your design as a template. You may use it the next time you generate a QR code. You can also change the templet as per your requirement.

    8. Do you offer free QR code or paid?

    We offer 50 QR Codes free of cost for all new users, you can upgrade your package anytime to availble more QR Codes.

    9. Is there anyway to increase the free QR Code count?

    Yes you can. You need to invite your contacts and if they active their account you will get 20 free QR Codes for each activated accounts.

    10. Can I create a QR code for a Google Form?

    Yes, you can create a Google Form QR code by selecting "Google Form" from the top panel of our homepage. Simply place the URL of your form in the field and generate the code.

    11. How do I make a QR code for my catalog or restaurant menu?

    If you want to link your catalog or menu with QR Code, your catalog/menu PDF need to be uploaded online. You can either uploaded somewhere on public URL or you can contact us, we will upload your menu online and provide your URL for QR Code ceation.

    12. Can a single QR code lead to multiple destinations?

    For now you can link only 1 active destination for each URL. If your destination link expired, you can update and change the destination URL.

    13. Can I generate QR codes in bulk?

    No, currently we do not have such feature but in the pipeline. This feature will be added in the panel soon but there is no ETA as of now.

  • WhatsApp Business Account

    1. What is WhatsApp Business API?

    The WhatsApp Business API links with WhatsApp's features and marketing tools for medium-to-large enterprises. It offers three messaging options:

    • Send WhatsApp messages directly from our platform.

    • Connect (also via integrated APIs) your CRMs to our WhatsApp messaging solution.

    • Utilise our chatbot platform to automate two-way WhatsApp messaging with your audience.

    2. WhatsApp Business API vs WhatsApp Business App

    Many ask "what's the difference between WhatsApp Business App and the WhatsApp Business API?"

    The WhatsApp Business App is a free-to-use and basic application aimed for micro and small companies to utilise.

    For medium to larger organisations, the WhatsApp Business API provides many more features and robust support. This includes access to a verified sender agent and the ability to broadcast messages to larger audiences.

    3. Why am I starting to see more businesses use WhatsApp?

    You are right. WhatsApp is becoming a very prominent and popular messaging channel for businesses to use. This is because of its API connectivity to CRMs and due to the large volume of features it offers businesses.

    On top of this, WhatsApp is a globally recognised and popular messaging app. Therefore the likelihood of your customers using the channel and receiving your message is highly likely. If you have concerns about delivery rates, we can also automate a secondary message attempt. This means if your customer does not have WhatsApp and does not receive your message, they will instead automatically receive a similar message via a different channel (elected by you) eg. SMS.

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